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"Horrible people. Very dishonest and do very poor work. Reviews on this site were purchased and not from actual client."
Y . H from Winnipeg, MB on November 6th, 2017
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"I am not satisfied with Winnipeg home service. I did my furnace service on nov 18/2016 at that time service technician guy told me to that your furnace switch it's broken need to change.he told me that l ll fixed it on next week still it's march 2017 I am following for the switch status. I am not recommended to any one to go with Winnipeg home service."
R . P from Winnipeg , MB on March 24th, 2017
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"They made my Christmas. Im new to furnace issue and first i called winnipeg home service.. Guy came opened the blower motor and circuit board trying to investigate a water leak. He put the unit back and said there is a faulty circuit board and induce motor need to be replaced to correct the water leak. There was a code 4 error which he said he doesnt know what it meants and got arround his way saying circuit board is faulty and giving false codes.Later i got another company come and look at it they corrected the code 4 error which ment open high limit switch. However the low voltage fuse was burning out. They did not change any wiring. Upon investigation it was determined the wiring wass messed up at the circuit board. Only person who did this is our friendly Winnipeg home services. I was also charged 107.35 for that "great" mess he did.I do not recomend their expertise in furnace at all.Wasnt great at all to be 5 days without heat before i had to get my guts and get other more proffesional people who would have fixed the issue right there "
C . P from Winnipeg, MB on December 29th, 2016
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"The technician should bring the new hot water tank at 2pm, but he did not showed up and we changed the install for 10:35 and he never show up.He left us without hot water. Try to avoid this company."
J . S from Winnipeg, MB on December 7th, 2016
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"I had been dealing with Winnipeg Home Services till recently when a very disappointing issue arose. My furnace was assessed by one of their employees who said that the secondary heat exchanger was completely shot. Rusted and leaking water... which is a sure cause for concern and can easily cause carbon monoxide poisoning within our home.They said that we should contact their furnace sales associates because this Carrier furnace was turned off and as far as they we're concerned was shot. The year before we had them come in and assess the furnace because it wasn't working and they told us we had to order a new computer for the furnace. Several hundred dollars we're spent on this furnace on an item that they marked up 100 percent. I wanted to make certain that if we do put in 800.00 dollars into the furnace that it would last for years to come... this thing is only 13 years old. They we're adamant that it was fine and so we went with the new computer. I am very disappointed that the damaged secondary heat exchanger was not caught than... we would have never spent nearly $1,000.00 on a furnace that would only last a short mild winter! Apparently the furnace had been sitting on a tilt for a very long time which caused this issue. Nevertheless this should have been diagnosed better. Wally... Look closely in the future before proceeding with the purchase of expensive parts.Im happy to say that I found a reputable company to fix my existing furnace and replace the warn out parts. In the end it was much less than buying a new furnace. We have saved an item in which time and MONEY has been poured into! Always get a second opinion... mark my word! a very upset customer "
M . S from Winnipeg , MB on November 24th, 2016
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"Asked for a "boiler tune up" in our new house. was told it was $129 and adding a copper 1/2 line from an existing line for my dryer(85$ an hour). Apparently rads had been emptied so they needed water added and air bled which took time but hey 129$ is 129. so then the water line is to be added and water everywhere on the basement floor...cement hmmm not too major. then he says he's having trouble with a like at the t joint. then quite awhile later he says he has it fixed except he doesn't have a fitting for the line(ok I guess I will get a sharkbite)....ok go to pay 388$ dollars including 85 dollars for parts...1/2 copper pipe and fittings and one ball valve...somehow how a 10 minute plumbing job plus 129 equals 400$ dollars. Well guess i'll pay and deal with it on Monday....go downstairs to check something and find out the pipe he installed is spraying water...not great at all."
J . S from Winnipeg, MB on September 23rd, 2016
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"Pleasant worker, explained what he was doing, hope he comes again in the future years. "
. from Winnipeg, MB on November 24th, 2015
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